What was going through my head at the time was this strange thought pattern that everything was going wrong, that I achieved nothing and everything was bad in my life, and it was just amazing how it was all consuming, and it was on my mind 24/7, it's just wearing me out.

The main part of depression/anxiety is that you feel really, really isolated and you feel really, really alone.

I tried to focus a lot on my baby and my daughter, but as the days went past, it was like the darkness was starting to creep in and eventually it got to a point where I didn't wanna get out of bed.

The beginning of the process is actually recognising that there's something wrong and that it's not right that you should feel the way you're feeling then you can decide right now I need to take action.

I was all alone, there was no people around, so the only thing I thought I could do is actually ring Beyond Blue. I did that and it was such a good job. I didn't feel alone. It allowed me to actually move on from where I was in the hole that I was.

Seeking help is you realise when you actually get to how important it is.

It's helped me to get on with my life and making new life for myself and therefore, making my life worth living.

Every year over 3 million people in Australia live with anxiety or depression, or both.

Many, many more of us will have friends, partners, family members, and work mates who are going through a tough time.

Today, like every day, eight people, just like us, die by suicide. That’s more than twice the national road toll.

That’s why Beyond Blue is here for you – every day – in more ways than ever before – equipping you with tools and providing support where you live, work, learn and play.

We’re still working hard every day to raise awareness, to educate people and stare down stigma and discrimination.

But we’re running national initiatives in schools and workplaces, right now, right across the country.

Our support service and online forums are there for people around the clock.

And we’re also building and rolling out innovative new services – to get people psychological support early, and to help people find their way back to life after a suicide attempt.

We’re continuing to strongly advocate for a society and a high quality system that supports people when and where they need it.

Whoever and wherever you are, Beyond Blue can help you achieve your best mental health.

Visit our website today and take those first steps if you're worried about yourself or someone else.