Damien's reasons to contact the Beyond Blue Support Service

When I first became sick, I was experiencing anxiety which wasn't as well known then as it is now. And so all of the help that was available seemed to be around depression, and I wasn't depressed. I felt scared rather than sad, so I wasn't sure where to seek help from. Whereas if I'd been able to ring Beyond Blue, then I would have been able to access people who did understand the way that I felt even if I didn't know that they knew that. And that would have been of help for me, as I say, living in the bush where that sort of information hadn't reached us yet. The number is also good to ring if you're worried about somebody else. Beyond Blue is an organisation that knows a lot about depression and anxiety and so you can access them, find out how to get the fact sheets and just a general chat with somebody to get some advice about what to do for the person you're worried about.

The Beyond Blue Support Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.