Sally's story

Hi, I’m Sally. I’m an animal lover, a music lover, and a music lover of all kinds and both kinds, country and western. But hey, don’t hold that against me, alright.

Particular examples of discrimination. There’s one, and it’s a difficult one to talk about, in that one day, or evening to be precise, I was driving in my car minding my own business, and two people – I was stopped at a set of lights – two pedestrians came across in front of me and for some reason started banging on my car yelling at me, which was sort of... you know, I was a bit shaken by that. So when the lights changed and I moved off, and I realised I was shaken, I pulled over to the side of the road. And the next thing I knew, and this is really... you know obviously distressing to recount, but also I can understand that people hearing this might be distressed, that one of the pedestrians put his fist through the closed driver side window and shattered it, punched me in the side of the head and face six times, and just walked off, and I spent the night in the Emergency ward of a public hospital.

I think if the world didn’t have discrimination against transgender and similar groups, I think it would be amazing, and my... one of my big personal transgender heroines is a woman by the name of Lyn Conway, and she basically invented... made a significant breakthrough in multiprocessing in computers, we would not have any of the computers, laptops and smart phones, that we have now without her. So, and she had to go through discrimination. So if we didn’t have the discrimination we might have a heck of a lot more genius and amazement in the world, which would be fantastic.