One of the best things about my job as CEO of Beyond Blue is meeting the many people who tell me how we supported them and their families through a really difficult time in their lives. It's equally humbling and powerful when someone opens the door to their personal story and lets you in. For me it validates why I get up in the morning and head to work.

One of the most important responsibilities I have is to ensure that Beyond Blue can not only help people today, but in the years ahead. In recent times, I've been thinking about how personally I can make a difference in those lives, decades from now. That's why I've decided to include Beyond Blue in my Will. It allows me to know that I can keep giving even when I'm no longer here, and I make that pledge knowing my gift will go a long way.

As someone who isn't so good with personal admin I can assure you the process is really easy, so if you're interested in including Beyond Blue in your Will, please go to our website, click on the make a donation tab and visit the bequests page.