If someone is thinking about checking-in with their friend, just do it. It’s not hard – Are you OK? How are you going? I think it’s really important to check-in with someone. Everyone deserves to have support. To know that they are cared for. Everyone deserves to know that they have someone and yeah, definitely just check-in. Before my friend checked-in on me, I was feeling a bit lost and a bit stuck. Everyone goes through times of difficulties. You don’t know what someone’s thinking until you ask them. Open your heart, open your mind and just ask are you OK? Don’t make it a big deal. If they’re your friend already, it’s just part of your everyday conversation. I think the check-in app is great. Easy to use, anyone can use it. It’s informative, it’s concise and it sets out tips on how to approach someone and how to talk to them. The check-in app is your pocket how-to-guide on how to check-in with a friend and see if they are OK. I checked-in with one of my friends from university. I noticed that he was acting different to how he used to act. She was withdrawing herself from activities, like university and from hanging out with us. We were at a party and she was a bit down, she was a bit upset, so I came up to her and said hey, let’s get some food. It was really helpful that they offered to get me some ice-cream. Ice-cream is nice. Food is a great way to open up and start a conversation with anyone. I made her feel comfortable by just letting her know that I’m feeling a bit stressed myself. My friend made me feel comfortable by being genuine and sincere in how they asked how I was going. Are you doing OK? How are you feeling? What’s going on? So, she started opening up about her troubles in her past and present and I just listened. I didn’t really say much, I just listened. Giving her hugs and all that. Letting her know that I was there for her. Hearing out what they have to say really did help. If I ended up talking too much you wouldn’t hear what they have to say. There is no wrong or right answer, it’s just about being a friend. It wasn’t a scripted conversation and you could hear the genuine concern. The first time I approached my friend, he didn’t open up straight away. If some people aren’t ready to open up, we shouldn’t force them to express their emotions. As long are you’re showing the person that they have someone to turn to. Once they’re ready to open up, we’re there for them, that’s the main thing. That’s what we’re here for, we’re meant to be there for them. After the person checked-in with me, I felt a lot better. I felt calmer, I felt like I could actually study and I could get through what I wanted for the day, and I felt like I wasn’t so alone. I feel it’s important to make sure everyone is doing OK. Everyone deserves happiness really, at the end of the day.