Beyond Now - suicide prevention planning

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and suicide may seem like the only way to relieve the pain.  

Beyond Now is an app created by Beyond Blue to support people through these feelings.  

You can use the app to create an easy-to-follow plan to help you in those moments when you can’t think straight. 
Your plan is personal to you, and includes steps like:  

  • Know your warning signs, so you can act early  

  • Make your environment safe, by removing harmful items  

  • Activities you can do to distract yourself or people you can be with 

  • Reminders of things that make you feel strong. 


Some of these steps might be tough to fill out. And that’s ok.  

It can be helpful to make, or share your safety plan with a trusted friend, family member or mental health professional.  

Even if you feel like you’re alone, help is available. The red telephone icon connects you straight to your emergency contacts. 

Download the free Beyond Now app today to create your personal safety plan.