When I used to work in the labor movement, one of my jobs was debating Jeff Kennett on 7's Sunrise once or twice a week. And I had a number of conversations with Jeff after we'd go off air about the issues that I found with a large number of the members of the Union that I used to run, the AWU, either taking their lives or dealing with crippling depression and anxiety in the workplace caused by many different issues.

Beyond Blue assisted me in my leadership of that union in developing new strategies and techniques for raising awareness trying to make it safer and more comfortable to talk about depression and anxiety in the workplace.

And after doing a fair bit of work with Beyond Blue I was honoured to be invited to join the Board. I've been able to use my own personal experience in dealing with my own anxiety and depression and then also my professional experience both in our corporate sector, but previously in the union movement, to try to bring a different
perspective to the work that we do.

I find that my work on Beyond Blue is probably, for me, personally, the most rewarding and important thing that I do in my life outside of my family.