S1: At that time I was probably, "Why would I go and see a counsellor? Wasn't... I didn't do anything. It's not... I haven't done the wrong thing. Or whether I'm not... I don't need to see them. It's basically... It was, my father had taken his life, I'm the normal one." Basically going and seeing a counsellor really, sort of, you can unload everything that you want to say in an environment that, basically, there's no judging.

S2: I need to get helped. So, yeah, I went the GP and said, "Give me the help." So, like "Just fix me." Yeah, I spoke to a psychologist and, yeah, started the recovery, I guess.

S1: What came back from it was, again, that, sort of, mental realignment and that mental check. The feedback, coming back from a counsellor, was, "Well, this is normal. The way you feel is how a lot of people feel."