0:01 I was one of those men, I have to admit. It has to be tough.

0:03 You can’t show weakness, you can’t cry. You really don’t have emotions, you have to hide them.

0:10 Dealing with anxiety and depression you know, I can handle it by myself, superman and all. But I realised I couldn’t.

0:16 Being that hard, or cold, if you’d like to call it, made me cold within myself. My emotions, with my kids and family members. And I didn’t like it. 

0: 28 I’m a person who likes to speak to someone. NewAccess gave me that urgency.

0:35 It was accessible basically straight away. I think a lot of it was mapping it. I wrote down, like a bit of a diary. The coach looked at it and said there’s nothing here that says I’m taking time for you.

0:41 I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I wasn’t doing enough exercise, I wasn’t doing enough things for me.

0:51 I mentioned I played golf and the coach made me look at that as a priority for me.

1:01 My whole attitude has changed. It was documented.

1:07 My happiness, my energy levels.

1:09 When all those things changed, the dark days went away, they were a lot less.

1:14 I felt alive again, I felt tall.

1:17 The NewAccess program gave me a light, gave me a future.

1:21 Those steps were the most important steps. The most anxious steps I’ve ever taken.

1:27 For any man going through the same, you know love your children, love your family, you know smile, be happy.