My parents both immigrated
from different countries
in different parts of Asia
and in their culture, mental health
didn't really exist to them.
And it was really,
really hard for them
to understand anything 
that I was going through.

I hadn't really heard of what
anxiety or depression was.
It certainly wasn't spoken about.

I do remember saying to my doctor,
“How did I end up here?”
And he said to me, Sandi,
you could be the world's
best bone surgeon,
but that's not going to prevent you
from breaking a bone.

Online I found these stories
where people were talking
about how their, you know,
their gender and their sexuality
and their culture and 
like all this other stuff,
like fed into how they're feeling.
And I can't really tell you
how healing it was
to find out that 
I genuinely wasn't alone.

Recognizing later on what it was
that I was going through is a
sobering thought because 
I could have helped myself
at such an earlier stage than what
I was able to do if I'd spoken to
a professional about it
or just had a conversation
with somebody else.

We all can have a courageous voice
and we can all use 
that courageous voice 
when we need support 
with something.
When we're feeling low,
when we're feeling lonely.
That we can reach out to someone
and just chat.