Anxiety conditions. 

They’re really common. 

They affect people differently. 

And they’re treatable.  

But what might an anxiety condition feel like?  

What are some of the signs to be aware of? 

Healthy and natural anxiety is sense of unease, worry, distress or fear you might feel in response to a threat or a stressful situation. 

An anxiety condition is different. 

Signs of an anxiety condition can include... 

...when those anxious feelings don’t go away even when the threat has gone... 

...or when they happen for no apparent reason,

...or when they’re starting to impact your daily life.

For some, an anxiety condition can mean feeling constantly worried or overwhelmed. 

Others often feel frightened, or panicked, and find it hard to calm down. 

And some feel restless, like they can never sit still or relax. 

Anxiety conditions can cause physical symptoms too.  

Such as changes to your breathing... 

A tightness or tension in parts of your body... 

Sweating more than you usually would... 

Or suddenly feeling lightheaded, or dizzy.

An anxiety condition can also present itself in your thoughts and through day-to-day life.

Some common examples of this are... 

Trouble concentrating and racing thoughts that you just can’t slow down. 

Difficulty sleeping. 

A dread of social settings or withdrawing from friends and family. 

You might notice having unusually negative thoughts or being overly critical of yourself. 

If any of these examples feels familiar or if you just feel concerned it’s worth talking to someone about. 

Because anxiety conditions are treatable.