We all experience stress. I think we all experience low mood. We may have some anxiety. But when those things, however you choose to express or feel it, start impacting your life, that’s where there may be a problem.

NewAccess is designed for anyone 18 years and over.

People who are really at the lower level of experiencing depression and anxiety. 

It isn’t about having, you know, big mental health issues.

It’s rather unique to existing mental health services, we’re actually working in partnership with them.

They’re the ones that are identifying the problem. They’re the ones that are setting the goals. We’re just providing them with some skills, and also some understanding, I guess of how they can move forward and manage it themselves.

I had a gentleman come into the service who was experiencing work stress. And over the six weeks, we were able to problem solve, and identify a plan of attack. 

Now if he didn’t access the service, in a few months it could have got a lot worse.

Now the reason this program is so good, is that it gives people the opportunity to stand back in a safe, comfortable environment, and reflect on what’s going on for them. 

It creates an opening, a recognition which is almost, can be like a lightbulb moment for them. And actually, progress is amazingly quick. 

It’s that moment of clarification where they go... OK. 

So we can see the benefits in a measured way. We can see it on paper, but we can also see it physically. We get that visual improvement, which is so satisfying. 

What’s important is that this service is easily accessible. It’s a confidential service, OK, and it’s free. 

NewAccess, in terms of describing it, it’s like, a personal trainer for the mind. 

Now if you were to go to a personal trainer. That personal trainer does not do the exercise for you. But they are there by your side. Giving you that knowledge and skills, and pushing you along that journey.