When a friend has reached out or checked in with me in the past, we spoke about relief being one of those overwhelming feelings.

There's a certain comradery between the two of you that you can share that you can't share with anyone else.

So, a mate's always gonna be fantastic for you to open up to.

It's that somebody's there and somebody cares enough about you to know what's going on.

It's bit like having your back.

It's literally a bit like being your wing man.

My initial reaction was definitely like, oh, someone's noticed that something's different or not right, and I think from that someone noticing you get a sense of purpose.

You feel like, oh, I am seen.

There was not negative feeling behind it.

I was more grateful that they're willing to spend their time, go online, find ways, creative ways to help me.

I've got this friend, I've got a support around me who cares enough to actually hear how I'm going.

That's worth it's weight in gold.

It's good not to have to do everything on your own.