0:02 Yeah mental health and racism I think do go hand in hand. It’s whether you don’t know if it’s happening to you, you still feel very bogged down, you feel heavy, you feel like that everything you do is having to be a chore because you’ve got all these things to come up against as soon as you leave the house.

0:26 It’s that passive racism that is really, it’s gone underground. I mean, in a way it’s easy to deal with when it’s overt because then you can have a comeback to it or you can you know, right someone if they’ve done some wrongs to you. But when it’s under the carpet, more passive it’s kind of like you don’t know if it’s in your mind or if it’s for real so it really questions your sort of, your mental state when you think oh nah that fella’s not looking at me, is he, is he? Then you realise oh he is.