Everybody deserves a space
where there's no judgment.

Five-year-old Aria was a happy kid.

She had a pure love for the stage and music

and fantasies really.

It was something else to
be on the stage performing.

I first experienced bullying in year two

and I guess at that age I didn't
really understand what it was.

I went to high school - that's whe
the physical bullying started.

And that was hell.

Walking into the classroom
would feel this pit of nerves.

Anxiety didn't seem like anything unusual,
it just seemed like my normal life.

The anxiety was there all the time.

When the bullying got worse, I left school.

I had no dance classes, no music classes...

I didn't have those small
reasons to keep going anymore.

Nothing felt...


Nothing felt worthy.

The sun on my skin didn't mean anything.

I had honestly given up on
the dream of performing arts.

My mum was the one that noticed.

She said, 'let's try something else'.

George: "Listen. You know wrestling.
Today you lose, tomorrow you win.

In the dressing room, I'm nervous.

But when I step in the ring, I change!

I'm really here. I'm really with the world."

Aria: The feeling of walking
through the wings or the curtain

erases the rest of your life.

In that moment it doesn't matter.

When I walk in it's like walking into my home.

It's another safe space for you
to be yourself without judgment,

or fear.

Being a wrestler is wearing spandex on a
weekend and that's not a normal Saturday night.

You don't have to be what's on Instagram,

you don't have to be what's popular and cool.

I didn't know where I'd find my people,

but when you don't have judgment they find you.

Wrestling is musical.

You feel each other's movements,

the same way you feel each other in a dance.

Life has been a dance.

It's choreography that I haven't learned yet

and each day, I learn new steps

and new moves.

Even though I might stuff them up,

I know that the next day I can try again.

My mental health will always be a part of my

It's not something that ever disappears,

it might just sit in the background.

When I seek help and I ask for support,

it reminds me of the good things in my life.

and that they're worth fighting for.

I am capable.

I am powerful.

And I'm resilient.