You know, as much as they may be pushing you away, and sometimes it is aggressively, they're not meaning to. Whatever they're saying is currently the emotions that they're going through and their emotions are going through overdrive. It's all just happening and they're trying to cope the way they know.

There's no guidebook to helping someone who's dealing with something like this. I was quite lucky to have a really great group of friends who just listened. I found a lot of the time, just sending a text message to them was great. It helped me understand what I was going through.

I know it's really hard when people are struggling that it weighs you down as well, supporting them, I know that. But I think you gotta keep in mind that they're in a really dark place and they're actually genuinely struggling.

Best advice I can probably give for friends or colleagues or whatnot, is just not to walk away from that person. There's a lot of instances where people on the outside don't actually understand what's happened and they feel the easiest way to deal with it is to walk away. But you just gotta stick in there.