Getting a good night's sleep
is the key factor of keeping well
and keeping mentally sharp.
I think if you're in a 
stressful position, it helps you
to maintain the emotion
that you might need to control.

It helps to keep you balanced,
sharp, focused.
It helps you deal with the challenges
that life is inevitably
going to throw at you.

A good night's sleep for me 
is always 8 hours,
so if I get up early,
I go to bed early.

Physical exercise is really important.
With some of my stressful jobs that I've had
I found that I was mentally tired,
but my body had virtually done nothing at all.

I think a good diet
is another key component.

I think you've got to switch
the digital stuff off an hour
before you go to sleep.

And the other factor,
and not everyone can follow it
or be as lucky as me
to be able to snuggle up 
against the right person.