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    Discrimination leads to depression and anxiety in Indigenous Australians.

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beyondblue - depression and anxiety

3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression

beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of anxietydepression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery, management and resilience.  

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Ambassador stories

Ben Tune

Going by the incredible number of responses I received, it is obvious to me that depression and anxiety touches most people in some way.
Read Ben's story

Em Rusciano

Em Rusciano_Website_359x340
Speak up about it. Tell your other half, tell your mother, tell someone. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed.
Read Em's story

Dane Farrell

dane farrell 359x340
I want to do everything I can to smash the stigma and let people who are experiencing mental health conditions know that support is available.
Read Dane's story

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe
Sometimes you don’t have a choice about what happens to you, necessarily, but what you do have control over is how you deal with it.
Read Jessica's story

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson
Sometimes we wait and hope that someone is just going to fix us. But it’s a journey and you are the one that has to take the first step.
Read Nathan's story

Julie DeBondt-Barker

I admit that upon learning of my son’s same-sex attraction, I began to experience many of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Read Julie's story

Brad McEwan

Brad McEwan
We must continue to address mental health issues and, most importantly, encourage people to talk about their mental health.
Read Brad's story

John Cantor

I realised that the psychological barriers I had were preventing me from reaching my dream.
Read John's story

Kyle Vander Kuyp

Kyle Vander Kuyp_359x340
However you're feeling, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for help and share what you're feeling.
Read Kyle's story

MaryJo Fisher

“Don’t deny it, if you think it could be happening to you. Get help.”
Read MaryJo's story

Garry McDonald

I didn’t get depressed until 20 years after I developed an anxiety disorder… I tipped over into major depression.
Read Garry's story

Jason Ball

Jason Ball
It was the one place I thought I’d never be able to come out, ever. I didn’t know any footballers who were gay, so I could only assume the worst, it scared me.
Read Jason's story

Allan Sparkes, CV VA

I believe that you cannot have good mental health without good physical health and vice versa. Continue to set goals for positive achievements.
Read Allan's story

Greg Barns

Greg Barns
If there is one insight I have gained over the years of living with depression, and seeing others do the same, it is that keeping it all inside is the wrong path.
Read Greg's story
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