The beyondblue National Roadshow

From February 2014 to May 2015, the beyondblue National Roadshow will travel over 40,000 kilometres in a big blue bus through every state and territory in Australia, visiting hundreds of communities across the 61 Medicare Local regions. Find out more.

Next stops

  1. Ipswich, QLD
    21 October 2014 - 23 October 2014
  2. Springfield, QLD
    21 October 2014
  3. Gatton, QLD
    22 October 2014
  4. Forest Lake, QLD
    23 October 2014
  5. Goodna, QLD
    24 October 2014
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Bus blog

  1. 15 Oct 2014
    Warmth, wonder and having the conversation in Wide Bay
    What do you say to the woman who tells you she lost her husband to suicide 12 months ago, and who now fears for her kids? What do you say to the man who discloses he was abused over 50 years ago and has lived with the trauma ever since? What do you say to the young person who was born into a male body but lets you know that he has come to the realisation that he is female, and wants to connect with others who feel the same way? What do you say to the woman who expresses her frustration at the lack of knowledge about depression and interest in her recovery of her long time GP?
  2. 06 Oct 2014
    Hope and resilience in Rocky
    Many of the challenges facing Rockhampton, Central Queensland – or ‘Rocky’, as it’s affectionately known – reflect those of regional towns across Australia. The resources boom that has swept some families to prosperity but inflated prices beyond the reach of others. The fly-in-fly-out workers on gas fields and mines spending weeks away from loved ones. The regular flooding that swamps properties and destroys livelihoods.
  3. 23 Sep 2014
    Blue beans spark healthy awareness
    You would be amazed at how technical people can be about counting jellybeans. The jar of blue beans that stood proudly on the beyondblue Roadshow table throughout the Westech Field Days in Barcaldine, a town in Central West Queensland, was subject to all kinds of inspections as part of a classic competition to guess the number of beans in the jar, to win the lot.

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