Training materials for RTOs - discontinued


beyondblue’s training resources for Registered Training Organisations are now out of date and will no longer be offered. All those who have previously ordered these resources are now being informed about the status of these resources and beyondblue’s intention for their discontinuation.

beyondblue continues to provide resources to support the mental health of older adults as detailed below:

Professional Education for Aged Care (PEAC) e-learning program

beyondblue's Professional Education for Aged Care (PEAC) e-learning program has been developed to support aged care staff to detect and manage anxiety and depression in residential and community aged care settings. The free e-learning program is appropriate for staff working in a variety of roles within aged care settings, as well those who are not currently working in the industry, who may be studying, or interested in working in aged care.

To find out more information and to access the program, click the link below.

PEAC e-learning program
Free resources

beyondblue provides an extensive range of free resources aimed at helping everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Resources are available to download or you can order published copies to be sent out to you free of charge. Simply register to start using the catalogue via the link below or by calling the beyondblue Support Service on 1300 22 4636.

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Key resources for older adults
  • Connections matter: Helping older people stay socially active – Loneliness is not an inevitable part of getting older, and there are lots of things you can do if you are feeling lonely or disconnected. This booklet provides some practical and evidence based suggestions to help you strengthen your social network.
  • Anxiety and depression in older people – This booklet provides information about anxiety and depression in older people, tips for keeping active, information on beyondblue programs and interviews with Australians aged over 80 about how they stay mentally healthy.
  • What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people: A guide for community or residential aged care staff – This booklet covers a range of interventions that can be used to promote emotional wellbeing or to help people with anxiety or depression. It summarises the strength of evidence for each intervention and gives case studies to show how the interventions have been used with older people.
  • A guide to what works for depression – A comprehensive, evidence-based overview of all known treatments for depression and their effectiveness. Includes medical, psychological, complementary and lifestyle interventions.
  • A guide to what works for anxiety – There is a wide range of treatments for anxiety conditions. While each treatment has its supporters, treatments vary a lot in how much supporting scientific evidence is behind them. The aim of this booklet is to assist people to make informed choices by providing a summary of what the scientific evidence says about each treatment.
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The beyondblue Support Service

The beyondblue Support Service gives every person in Australia the opportunity to talk through his or her concerns with a trained mental health professional. People who access the service can receive a one-on-one counselling session focusing on addressing an immediate concern, as well as receive information and advice on continuing to seek support.

There are three ways to access the service:

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