Blue Voices

It’s important to Beyond Blue that our work is guided by the diverse knowledge, experiences and expertise of the community.

Blue Voices members take part in a range of activities to help shape the safety and effectiveness of our mental health services, policies and programs.  

​Together, our combined efforts will help improve the mental health of everyone living in Australia. Making it easier for people to feel better earlier, get well and stay well - now, and into the future.

Who are Blue Voices?

Blue Voices is a diverse community of 6,000 people passionate about mental health and wellbeing - a collective that continues to grow every day!    

Members have been or are currently affected by a mental health condition. This could be through their own personal experience, by supporting someone else, or through losing someone to suicide.   

For close to 2 decades, they have shared their unique lived/living experiences so that our products, services and policies are designed with the needs of the community in mind.

Blue Voices is a positive space for me, and I love being part of the community. There are so many ways to get involved and I find being able to shape the direction of Beyond Blue’s work extremely rewarding. Helping others helps my mental health too.” 

- Blue Voices member

Who can join Blue Voices?

The Blue Voices Program is free to join and is open to anyone who: 
  • Lives in Australia  
  • Is 16 years and older

  • Is currently, or has been affected by a mental health condition; either through their own personal experience by supporting someone else, or through losing someone to suicide.
  • Wants to contribute to the design and improvement of mental health programs, services, policies and programs.

What activities do Blue Voices take part in?

Most activities Blue Voices members take part in will help guide Beyond Blue’s work.    

From time to time, Blue Voices members are also invited to take part in activities run by other mental health organisations, services or research bodies.

Types of activities may include, but are not limited to:
  • Sharing thoughts and experiences through surveys or short “pulse checks”
  • Participating in committees or advisory groups
  • Providing feedback about existing products, policies, programs or services  
  • Participating in focus groups, workshops or research interviews
  • Helping to test a new product such as an app or webpage.

What can I expect after joining the Blue Voices community?

  • You’ll receive an email welcoming you to the Blue Voices community! We’ll then send you emails with opportunities to take part in Blue Voices activities.
  • Express your interest in activities that match your availability, experience, background and interests. Some activities such as surveys can be completed straight away, others you will need to apply for.  
  • Choose when you take part in activities! The Blue Voices program is flexible and there’s never any pressure to get involved. 
  • Your safety is important to us, and we’re committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for our Blue Voices members. Our volunteer information and polices are available on our website. Learn how your data and personal information will be stored securely in Beyond Blue’s Privacy Policy.

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Frequently asked questions

If you haven any further questions about the Blue Voices program, please contact the team at [email protected]
  • What will I do as part of Blue Voices?

  • How do you store my private information?

  • Will Blue Voices provide me with support or counselling for mental health conditions?

  • Will I meet other Blue Voices members?

  • How do I leave the Blue Voices program?

  • I just want to take a break from Blue Voices, can I do that? 

  • Do I have to take part in every activity that is sent to me through Blue Voices?

  • What happens to the feedback or experiences I share through a Blue Voices activity? 

  • Why did you decline my application to take part in an activity?

  • Why do you keep asking me for personal information (such as contact details, age, background and gender)?

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