Research projects

Evaluation of Men’s Health Resources

Principal researchers 

Catherine Boekel
Gary Colquhoun
Angela Doyle


Hall & Partners | Open Mind


The Movember Foundation

Award type 

Request for Tender

Project completion year


Project brief

beyondblue has produced a suite of depression and anxiety related information resources specifically targeted to Australian men. The objectives of the resources are to:

  • Provide information on depression and anxiety to men, their family and friends, so they have a better understanding of depression and anxiety before, during and after taking action; and
  • Encourage men to take action.  

These resources represent a core part of beyondblue’s objective to raise awareness of depression and anxiety in the Australian community, and remain an important source of information for men, and people enquiring about men.  

beyondblue dispatched 1.1 million men’s specific resources in the 2011/2012 financial year.

beyondblue knows that there is a demand for resources, based on data collected through the ordering process and findings from studies around male help seeking behavior.

Distribution information cannot track what happens after the individual / organisation receives the resources, therefore beyondblue evaluated its suite of men’s health information resources. 

The evaluation has informed the future development and delivery of resources, as well as providing a measure of the program’s performance. Read the final evaluation reports via the links below.


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