Event ideas

While you can be as creative as you'd like with your beyondblue Bash, there are a few simple activities guaranteed to engage your workmates and raise funds.

Host a morning or afternoon tea 

Ask your workmates to whip up some treats for a Bake Off Battle. Cooking kudos will be up for grabs and a judging system can add to the entertainment factor. Charge a gold coin donation (or even blue note!) for a serve of the sweet or savoury delights – or straight up auction the most legendary entries.

Wear a touch of blue 

Opt for a casual dress day or keep your corporate attire, as long as it’s blue themed for beyondblue! Be it a touch of blue or full head-to-toe, ask your colleagues to make a gold coin donation. You might even host a fashion runway to crown the best outfit – make sure you snap your colourful crew and hashtag #beyondbluebash!   

Auction goods or services

Your workmates are likely to have a variety of skills, some you may have never known about! Request they donate either goods or a service for a mega auction. Good cooks and crafty people obviously have an advantage, but things like offering a morning coffee delivery from the local cafe or shadowing the boss for a day can create a bidding war too! 

Hold a raffle

Send a request to your colleagues, contacts and local businesses to see if they can donate goods or services to raffle. Generally if the goods or services are under a certain value you won't require a permit, however different laws apply in different areas and it's always worth checking with the gaming authority in your state or territory.

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