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12 July 2013
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Beyond Blue is developing a new multimedia resource which aims to support families in providing an inclusive family environment for their gay, lesbian, more than one gender attracted, trans and intersex (GLBTI) family members. We are inviting blueVoices members who have relevant experience to participate in the resource by sharing their story on film.

Research shows that the environment within families, both attitudes and behaviour, has a dramatic impact on shaping each of us as individuals. Inclusion within families promotes well-being and helps protect young people against risk.

The aim of this new resource will be to provide families with:

  • Support in understanding and embracing diversity in gender, sex and sexuality
  • Information to de-stigmatise same and more than one gender attraction, intersex, trans and gender diversity
  • Tangible advice about how to support people exploring their sexuality and gender identity to build their personal identity in an inclusive environment
  • Links to further support

This initiative will build on the Beyond Blue commitment to work with others to address the high prevalence of depression and anxiety in GLBTI communities. The booklet will be housed on the Beyond Blue website as an e-resource, with links to filmed personal stories.

Sharing your story

We are looking for people to share their story in a three to five minute video to underpin the messages and information in the Family Support e-resource. Aspects of the stories will also be used throughout the e-booklet as quotes and case studies, to further strengthen the information in the e-resource.

Video stories will be uploaded to the Beyond Blue website and Beyond Blue’s YouTube site.

To underpin the messages of the resource, we want to include real stories of both:

(a)     parents and family members talking about their experience leading to and following their child/sibling coming out, not only the immediate situation, but how that relationship has changed over time

(b)     community members’ experiences leading to and following their coming out to their family

We want to include both positive and negative experiences, and also what was learned from these experiences. We are interested in hearing from people from a range of backgrounds and geographic locations across Australia. 

Further information on the project and how you can get involved is available in the Expression of Interest (EOI) document via the link below:

Activity Results

Thank you for your interest in this activity. Submissions have now closed. 

We will be in touch with those that submitted an Expression of Interest soon and further information about the project will be available at a later date.

If you have any questions about this project please contact Rachel Komen, on 03 9810 6100 or

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