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12 August 2013
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As you may be aware, Beyond Blue is currently developing two new booklets on depression and anxiety relevant to young people; one for young people themselves and another for adults who care for young people. 

The youth booklet will replace many of the existing Beyond Blue youth fact sheets, condensing the information into one handy resource covering a range of topics in relation to depression and anxiety. The adults’ booklet will be a brand new resource for Beyond Blue and will assist adults who are concerned about a young person or care for a young person with depression and anxiety.

If you are a young person (aged 12-25) with experience of depression and/or anxiety, or are an adult who supports a young person with this experience, we are inviting you to help inform these new resources and ensure that the information is relevant to real experiences.

We had a fantastic response to the first part of the consultation, with a large number of both young people and adults sharing their personal experiences to help inform the content of the resources. Thank you to all those who took part!

We are currently in stage two of the consultation and invite you to provide your input (we want to hear from you whether you took part in the first consultation or if this is your first time getting involved):
  • Closed - July - Stage 1 – Share your personal story to guide the resource content
  • [OPEN NOW] Stage 2 – Provide feedback on the tone and language used
  • September - Stage 3 – Provide feedback on the final draft

We look forward to hearing your perspectives and ensuring that these resources are useful to young people and the adults who provide support to them. 

Stage 2 - Provide feedback on the tone and language

Drafts of the new resources have been written and we'd love you to let us know if we are on the right track. At this stage, we're keen to hear whether you think that the content is easy to read and sets the right tone as well as whether the information provided is relevant.

If you participated in the previous consultation and shared some of your experiences, you may notice a quote from your story included in the draft resource, along with your first name and age. Please be aware that these quotes are to give an example for the purposes of this review and are not final. The draft document is not available publicly. We will contact you for permission to use a quote from your story in the final review stage, before the resource becomes available publicly. At that stage, you will be given the choice to use a different name/age in the final document, change the wording or withdraw your quote entirely.

How to take part

If you are a young person and would like to contribute to the review of the youth resource please enter the survey below:

       •  Youth survey

If you are an adult who has supported a young person and would like to contribute to the review of the adult resource please enter the survey below:

       •  Adult survey

Both surveys will close on Monday 12th August 2013.

Although your feedback will be provided to the team developing the resource, no identifying information will be shared. We collect your name in the survey so that we can contact you if we have further questions for you.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing what you think of the resource so far.

Activity Results

Thanks for your interest in taking part in this consultation. This stage of the review process is now closed. 

There will be further opportunity to provide input in September 2013.

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