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Speak up against discrimination in the insurance industry

3 December 2013
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As you may be aware, for the past ten years Beyond Blue and the Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) have been working to influence the insurance industry to make changes to their policies and practices. The aim of this work is to improve access for people currently living with a mental health condition or those with a previous experience. We are now building our advocacy campaign to further this work and to do this we need your support! 

On Wednesday 21st August, Beyond Blue and MHCA, at The Mental Health Services Conference in Melbourne, made a formal call out encouraging people with a current or previous mental health condition, who have experienced potential discrimination, to come forward and tell their stories about negative experiences with insurance companies. 

By doing this, we hope that the community will better understand:
  - our recent efforts to build a fairer insurance market for people with mental illness
  - the importance of those with a lived experience of mental illness coming forward with their stories of potential discrimination 
  - and how both individuals and organisations can support the push for fairer treatment for people with mental illness by insurance companies. 

Beyond Blue and the MHCA have also developed an information sheet that you may like to read to find out more about how insurance companies potentially discriminate against people with mental illness and what we believe needs to be done to ensure that people with a mental illness can enjoy fair access to the insurance market.

For further information, or to share your story of a negative experience relating to insurance, please email or tell us your story via the form below. 


Activity Results

Thanks for your interest in the work tackling discrimination in the insurance industry. Although the online activity is not currently active, the project team are still inviting expressions of interest from people who have had a negative experience with insurance because of a mental health condition. 

If you would like further information or want to share your experience, please email

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