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Are you over 65? Tell us your story

13 September 2013
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Beyond Blue is undertaking an update and refresh of some of its materials specifically for older people (over 65). The ‘Depression in older people’ booklet is being updated to incorporate anxiety, as well as provide more information about symptoms, where to seek help and how to stay well.

We are inviting blueVoices members who are over 65 and have personal experience of depression and/or anxiety to assist in the development of the resource by telling us your story via the form on this page. Some of what you tell us may be included in the booklet as a quote alongside your first name, age and state.

At Beyond Blue, we know that adding personal experiences to information resources is incredibly powerful, and helps to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking (as well as add to the overall quality of the resource). 

Although the experiences you tell us about will be provided to the team developing the resource, no identifying information will be shared. We collect your name in the questionnaire so that we can contact you if we want to ask any further questions about your experience or if you have indicated that you are interested in taking part in the campaign.

Older Adults Campaign

Beyond Blue is also seeking expressions of interest from people over 65 to be involved in a refresh of campaign materials. This involvement would include:

• sharing your experience of depression or anxiety in a filmed interview, with a focus on your help-seeking experience and how you stay well. (This interview would appear on the Beyond Blue website and YouTube channel, and may be used by Beyond Blue partners to promote our message of Hope. Recovery. Resilience.)

• being photographed, with your image to appear on marketing collateral (such as a poster, postcard or for use in print advertisements)

• possible interviews with media

• audio recordings for use in a radio advertisement

If you would like to know more about being involved in the campaign materials, please tick the box at the end of the survey and we will be in touch.

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