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Tell us about your experience with suicide and/or self-injury

3 September 2013
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You may be aware that Beyond Blue is currently undertaking a number of suicide prevention projects and these will be increasing over the years; as with all our work, we  feel it is important to have these projects informed by real life experience. 

We know that many blueVoices members have experiences in this area, however in the past we have not explicitly asked you about this topic. We are keen to understand the breadth and depth of experiences which exists within the blueVoices membership to help us to involve you in our projects which have the most relevance to your experiences.

Beyond Blue wants to make a real impact in suicide prevention and considers the voices of those with experience in this area as imperative to shaping our future work. 

There will be the opportunity to share your story in more detail in the future if you wish to, however at present we are just looking to get an overview of the experiences which exist within the blueVoices membership.


Activity Results

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experiences of suicide and/or self-injury. This survey is now closed.

We have received a huge number of responses to this survey, which clearly shows that this is an important topic for discussion and that experiences relating to suicide and self-injury are shared by many within the blueVoices membership. We understand that many of you deal with regular challenges in your lives and hope that you are able to find the care and support that you need to manage your life.

The experiences shared will help us gain a better understanding of the breadth of experiences held by blueVoices members and inform our work in suicide prevention. 

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