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National inquiry into employment discrimination - Have your say

7 December 2015
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Beyond Blue believes that all discrimination experienced by people with depression and anxiety is unfair, and needs to stop. We believe that when we see it, we need to speak up against the discrimination experienced by people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide, so that it is no longer ignored, expected or accepted.

The ‘Willing to Work’ inquiry is examining barriers to employment for people who experience mental health conditions and/or disabilities, and older people. The Commission will make recommendations about practices, attitudes, and Commonwealth laws that should be changed, and actions that should be taken, to reduce employment discrimination.

Want to have your say on other areas of health reform? 

The Department of Health are giving consumers the chance to share their views on private health insurance. The consultation encourages members of the public to express their views on how to make private health insurance better value for consumers. 

To read more, or voice your opinions through the consultation please visit:


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