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Review our new resource for dads

1 August 2016
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We're seeking the feedback of blueVoices members on a new Beyond Blue resource; Healthy Families – a website to help parents and guardians take care of their own mental health and raise healthy, resilient kids.

At this stage of the project, the Beyond Blue families team is looking for feedback on the section for new and expectant dads.

If you have a child under the age of 10, the team would love your input – especially if you are a first-time parent. Parents of any gender are welcome to take part.


New and expectant dads face many challenges during the period of adjustment that surrounds having a baby and one in 10 dads experience anxiety or depression around this time. 

Your feedback will help to ensure that this new Beyond Blue resource for fathers is relatable and covers information that is helpful to new and expectant dads at this emotional time in their life. The input you provide will be read by the Beyond Blue families team and used to make improvements to the usability and content of the website before it is launched. 

Activity Results

Thank you for your review of Beyond Blue's Healthy Families information for new dads. The Beyond Blue team leading this project really appreciated your feedback. Project lead Eloise Young has the following message for participants:

"Thanks very much for taking the time to review our information for new dads. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable, allowing us to further refine the content before we publicly launch the site at the end of August." 

How your feedback has helped 

We were pleased to see that all those participating in the review felt that the website was helpful and would recommend it to a friend or family member. 

Eloise also passed on the below information about specific feedback received and how this will shape the project.

"Our clinical team is reviewing the dads’ stress test, as a few of you had comments around the language used. Because this test is directly based on the K10 we may not have scope to change the questions, but we’ll look at editing the supporting language in line with your comments.

Some of you wanted more Infographics and imagery, and we’re planning for this in phase two of the project. We’ve also added in signposts to other content – both internal and external – that were suggested."

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