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Share your story as part of our small business case studies

19 January 2017
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Beyond Blue are seeking tradespeople who are small business owners or sole operators, who are willing to share, in a video or audio interview, their experiences in any of the following:

  • The importance of making their workplaces more mentally healthy, and how they have done this.
  • Looking after their own mental health, and how they have done this
  • Supporting an employee with a mental health condition at work, and how they have done this 

The video/ audio interviews will be developed into case studies, and shared publicly on Beyond Blue’s websites. They may also be promoted through Beyond Blue’s social media platforms (eg. Facebook, Twitter), and video case studies will be uploaded to Beyond Blue’s YouTube channel. Aspects of the case studies may also be used in other Beyond Blue online and printed resources.

Ideally, we would like to try to capture some of the unique stressors involved in running a small business, eg. long working hours in response to business demands; cash flow and financial issues; feeling isolated and alone (including not being able to share business struggles with employees);  poor work-life balance; stigma related to mental health, particularly in disclosing it, and the potential negative consequences for business; the pressure related to expectations from employees and family and the sense of responsibility that accompanies running a small business; the unrealistic portrayal of small business in the media that showcases the successful small business without acknowledging the challenges and struggles.

Activity Results

Thanks for your interest in sharing your story. This activity has now closed. If you have any questions about this project or your application, please contact us on 

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