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Provide your feedback on Heads Up's 'Taking care of yourself at work' website content

5 June 2017
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Beyond Blue is currently seeking blueVoices members feedback on Heads Up website content. Heads Up is an initiative of Beyond Blue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance that promotes the benefits and methods of fostering good mental health in workplaces for employees and employers: CEO’s, HR Directors, senior managers and line managers.

The Heads Up website contains a number of sections and work is currently underway on updating each area as well as renewing the look and feel of the site, changing the navigation and section headings and reviewing the content.

The Heads Up team are seeking your assistance with the ‘Taking care of yourself’ section of the website. Within the survey below we have sub-divided each area of this section and ask that you review:

  • Language appropriateness (Might a person who is experiencing or has experienced a mental health condition view the way any points are expressed particularly positively or negatively)
  • Individual strategies that you feel are particularly relevant or that you would recommend that may not have been included
  • Any additional comments you feel might help to improve the website content

All responses will be confidential and anonymous.

Please note we are only asking you to review the text. It will be formatted differently on the final website.

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