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Contribute to the wellbeing information on the Beyond Blue website

14 October 2017
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Keeping well is an important part of preventing, managing or recovering from a mental health condition.

To help encourage better wellbeing for everyone, Beyond Blue is developing new content on our website focusing on practical ways to stay well.

blueVoices members recently took part in a wellbeing survey, sharing attitudes, behaviours and actions regarding mental wellbeing.

The responses from this survey provided a useful perspective and a deep insight allowing Beyond Blue to make more informed decisions.

The next phase of this project is now underway.

To further explore the findings of the survey, blueVoices members are invited to take part in an online focus group.

You don’t need to have completed the previous survey to take part in this focus group.

The focus group will explore your thoughts on wellbeing and help us create relevant content dedicated to promoting and improving wellbeing.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed. If you have any queries or would like more information on the wellbeing project please contact the blueVoices team.

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