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14 January 2018
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The National Education Initiative (NEI), launching in August 2018, will be supporting the mental health of children and young people from birth to 18.

The NEI Project Team are seeking a youth blueVoices member (16-18 years) to join the Marketing and Communications Technical Advisory Network (TAN).

This advisory group will guide the development of brand and communications for the launch and ongoing engagement activities for the NEI.

Having a youth voice on the advisory group will ensure teenagers are represented in the development of collateral, and that the brand and communications activity is appropriate. 

No brand or marketing experience is needed to join the group.


What is the National Education Initiative?

From August 2018, Beyond Blue will lead a new National Education Initiative (NEI) with support from headspace and Early Childhood Australia, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

This new initiative will transform Australia’s approach to child and youth mental health care by providing a single end-to-end school-based mental health framework. Covering the continuum from early childhood to secondary school, it will support mental health promotion and suicide prevention activity. 

The initiative will integrate and build on the strengths and evidence-based principles of key existing Commonwealth Government mental health initiatives being delivered in education settings.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed. For more information on the NEI Youth Technical Advisory Network please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or

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