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8 February 2018
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The Beyond Blue Brand and Content Team are conducting a review of the way people experience the Beyond Blue brand through our products and services.

To assist with this review, Beyond Blue have engaged an external agency, Principals, who are keen to hear from blueVoices members who have used a Beyond Blue service, about your experiences and opinion of the service. This information will then inform how we grow and develop Beyond Blue’s products and services.

We’re seeking seven blueVoices members to share their thoughts and opinions in a 45 minute phone interview with a member of the agency coordinating this review. 

If you’ve used one the below services in the last six months we’d love to hear from you.

  • Check in app
  • BeyondNow
  • Support Service
  • Beyond Blue Forums
  • NewAccess
  • Beyond Blue Connect

Activity Results

This activity is now closed. If you have any queries around the brand workshops please contact the blueVoices team via email or on 03 9810 6100.

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