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Help organise the categories on the Beyond Blue forums

13 October 2018
Who can take part
all blueVoices members
Time required
15 minutes

Activity Detail

The main Beyond Blue Forum is a great hub of advice and support for a community of over 100,000 users per month.

To help improve the navigation of the forum we're updating the categories, and need your feedback on how to best organise them.

If you're a new forum user or a veteran, we're keen to hear from you.

The link below will take you to a page where you can drag and drop the categories into an order that makes sense to you, and provide names for the groupings you create.

Following the exercise, you will also be given an opportunity to provide feedback on any new categories you think should be added.

Click here to go directly to the exercise in a new window



Activity Results

This activity is now closed. If you have any feedback on the forum you can post it directly to the forum suggestions/improvements thread.

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