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Review and evaluate Beyond Blue workplace training resources

11 November 2018
Who can take part
blueVoices members with a background in management, HR or training
Time required
2 hours if selected

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue provides free online workplace training resources, including six online training modules and mental health toolbox talks, to increase the understanding of mental health in workplaces across Australia and provide practical strategies to support everyone.

To ensure these resources are relevant, useful and user friendly Beyond Blue is undertaking an extensive review and evaluation. 

As part of the evaluation we are looking for blueVoices members to assist with User Experience (UX) testing that will be conducted by an external provider (ARTD Consultants).

The UX testing will take around 2 hours and be held in Sydney and Melbourne. It will be an in-person interview designed to gather as much feedback on the training resources as possible.

This feedback will influence changes and updates to the content and look and feel of the resources to make it as easy and practical to use as possible.

Having practical resources will help employers and employees understand mental health in the workplace and play a significant role in more people achieving their best possible mental health.

Activity Results

The workplace training kit review has now closed. For more information on this project please contact the blueVoices team on 03 9810 6100 or via email.

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