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Survey: 2019 Blue Voices member survey - tell us what works and what doesn't.

16 June 2019
Who can take part
All Blue Voices members
Time required
10 - 30 minutes depending on areas of interest and how much you want to say

Activity Detail

It's that time again!

We want to know about your experience as a Blue Voices member. What works and what doesn't and importantly, where can we improve? 

This is your chance to help shape how this program works.

We've included a range of different types of questions including tick boxes, rating scales and open text responses. Respond in the way that best suits you. 

Activity Results

This survey is now closed. 

Thank you!

A very big thank you to the 187 members who completed the 2019 Blue Voices Member Survey. We know your time is precious, so thank you for using some of that time to tell us about your experience as a Blue Voices member and where we can improve. 

What you told us

The 2019 Member Survey report can now be downloaded. In this report you will find a summary of what you told us and what this all means for the future of Blue Voices. 

What you like about being a Blue Voices member:

  • The opportunity to make a difference – being heard and contributing to change.
  • The variety of activities – that there are different types of activities to get involved in. 
  • Flexibility of the program – choosing the opportunities that are right for you. Many of you specifically told us you like the online activities that can be done in your own time.
  • Regular communication from the team – being kept up to date on opportunities and mental health news
  • External opportunities – learning about opportunities being run by other organisations

What you’d like us to improve

It was encouraging to read that the areas you'd like us to do better; are also the areas you have seen ongoing improvements. These include:

  • Feedback: Continuing to improve our feedback processes to help you understand how your voice has made a difference. 
  • Building your skills: Understanding what skills you would like help in developing and how we can help you do that. First skill area identified by you was applying for and sitting on committees. 
  • More activities: You want more activities. We want that too. We will continue to work with our project teams to identify a variety of ways you can be involved, and share activities being run by other organisations.  
  • Timing and/or location of activities: You told us that you want activities run in your area and activities at times you can participate (e.g. not during business hours).
  • Easy and clear: Though this was not significantly highlighted as something we needed to work on, this is an area we will continue to focus on. 

Read the 2019 Member Survey report

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