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Share your experience: Personal Best story ideas

23 December 2019
Who can take part
All Blue Voices members
Time required
15 minutes to register your interest in being interviewed

Activity Detail

Personal Best is an information hub on the Beyond Blue website that presents a unique range of engaging and evidence-based articles around mental health.

From sharing personal experiences of community members and looking at what’s happening on our forums to providing practical and expert advice, Personal Best aims to help people find the support they need in a way that relates to them.

How can you help?

We recognise the personal experience and insight that you, as Blue Voices members, possess. And we’d value the opportunity to involve you in the creation of content for Personal Best.

Each month we'll share a selection of ideas and themes we’re looking to feature. If any of these relate to your experience of mental health, we’d love to hear from you.

What's involved?

On receiving your input, we'll share it with the Beyond Blue Content Team. They’ll use it to guide the direction of stories and, in some circumstances, a writer and/or producer may also reach out to you individually to see if you’re interested in being interviewed (either in person or over the phone). In doing so, we’ll have support available should sharing your story bring up any distressing emotions. 

Activity Results

The call out for January Personal Best stories is now closed. If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact the Blue Voices team on 03 9810 6100 or email.

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