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Your story: What has changed your life for the better?

1 March 2020
Who can take part
Anyone with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicidal thoughts.
Time required
10 to 15 minutes to complete

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is seeking stories that tell how That_changed my life. The 'that' will be different for everyone but it will have had an ongoing profound positive impact on their life and mental health.

The first story shared as part of That_changed my life series is about singing.

If you’ve experienced something that has truly changed your life, something that lifted you up when you were low and that continues to bring you happiness – we’d love to hear from you.

Your story may be about a new hobby like joining a craft group, writing poetry or participating in a theatre group. Perhaps you started a new physical activity like running, hiking, cycling, team sports or ocean swimming. Has music changed your life? Either learning to play a musical instrument, singing with a group or listening to a composer that never fails to move you. Or perhaps you adopted a beloved pet. 

Selected stories will be shared as part of the Personal best That_changed my life series which celebrates anything that has helped someone through tough times, changing their life for the better.

How will we use your story?

All responses to this activity will be shared with the Beyond Blue Content team. Your responses will guide the team to decide what they might include in an article on the Personal best pages of our website.

In some instances, they may:

  • Seek your permission to quote you in one of the articles
  • Contact you to find out if you would be interested in being interviewed for the article (either in person or over the phone)

What is Personal best?

Personal best is an information hub on the Beyond Blue website. Here, people can find engaging and evidence-based articles related to mental health. Article focus ranges from highlighting the stories and experiences of our community to sharing practical advice and providing expert insight.

Activity Results

Submissions to this activity are now closed. 

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