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Your say: Suicide safety plan to stay connected with people and places

19 April 2020
Who can take part
Anyone with a suicide safety plan
Time required
10 to 15 minutes

Activity Detail

How are you staying socially connected?

The need for physical distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had an impact on many of our usual habits. Public events are cancelled and we need to stay at home which means that some steps in your personal suicide safety plan may not be realistic right now.

We want to hear from members who have a suicide safety plan. We want to learn how you are updating your plan now that physical distancing is in place. We especially want to hear what changes you have made to step 5: People and places I can connect with.

Beyond Now is a suicide safety planning app and website that enables you to create a personalised seven-step safety plan. One of the Beyond Now app’s features is providing suggestions for each step of the plan, intended to help anyone who’s stuck and looking for ideas.

The steps relate to:

  1. My warning signs
  2. My reasons to live
  3. Making my space safe
  4. Things I can do for myself
  5. People and places I can connect with
  6. People I can talk or yarn to
  7. Professional support

How will we use your response?

All responses will be reviewed by the Beyond Blue Suicide Prevention team. The team is looking for ideas and quotes to share with other app and website users. 

Your responses will be used to update the app and our Beyond Now website, including:

  • providing new suggestions in the Beyond Now app for others looking for ideas to fill out or update their plan.
  • refreshing the content on our Beyond Now web pages with guidance and ideas around updating or creating a safety plan for the first time. 

We’ll seek permission before using your answers on the app or website. We may also contact some respondents by phone to further explore their responses.


A little more about the Beyond Now app.

Beyond Now is an app you can use to make a suicide safety plan for when you are feeling unsafe or suicidal. This plan can remind you of reasons to live, family and friends you can talk or yarn with, and things that can make you feel strong. 

You can make the plan on your phone so it can be carried around and accessed anywhere and anytime for support through times of sadness or grief. 

The app guides you through, step-by-step, and has suggestions for each step. It can help if a family member, an Elder or support person works with you to make the plan. It can be updated anytime and easily shared with others if you want.

Beyond Now is free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play and if you don’t have a smartphone, it’s also online

Beyond Now is designed to be used as part of an overall mental wellbeing and safety strategy – it’s not intended to be the only form of support. Ideally you should work with a health professional or support person to create your plan.


Activity Results

This activity is now closed. 


We had seven responses to the Beyond Now safety planning - social connection activity. All responses were reviewed by the Beyond Blue Suicide Prevention team.

Some respondents were also interviewed to discuss their responses further. 

This activity guided updates to the Beyond Now app and the website. It also lead to creation of resources and stories for the Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service website including:

If there are any further updates on this activity, we will post them on here.

If you have any questions about the activity, please email

You can find out more about the Beyond Now app here, and learn some strategies for updating your suicide safety plan here.

If it feels like things are getting out of control, for immediate support call Lifeline on 13 11 14

If there is immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, always call triple zero (000).

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