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Committee: Clinical Governance Committee

4 October 2020
Who can take part
People who have been affected by anxiety, depression and/or suicide
Time required
See activity details for specifics

Activity Detail

Beyond Blue is looking for a community member to be part of our Clinical Governance Committee.

The Clinical Governance Committee will provide assurance to the Board, relevant Board sub-Committees and the Executive Team, that our clinical governance systems and processes are strong, effective and align with the objectives of the Clinical Governance Framework.

This Framework aligns with the National Clinical Governance Framework and the National Standards for Safety and Quality.

What is a Clinical Governance Framework?

The Clinical Governance Framework and associated systems will ensure that Beyond Blue “first do no harm”. Harm includes physical, emotional, psychological and socio-behavioural harm to those who interact with our evidence-based information, advice and support products and services.

The specific role of the committee

The committee will make sure clinical quality and safety approaches are achieved across the whole business including when we engage third-party providers. 

The committee will report and monitor clinical quality and safety trends and outcomes for all clinically relevant activities. 

In the context of clinical governance, the committee will ensure that Beyond Blue:

  • Appropriately manages and mitigates any clinical risks. 
  • Is flexible and adaptable.
  • Is contemporary and uses best-practice.
  • Enables compliance with any future external clinical standards.
  • Empowers its staff and volunteers.
  • Has community at the centre of all we do
  • Clinical governance must enable the organisation to succeed in its Vision and Mission and its three strategic priorities.

The community member role

As a community member, your role will be to assist the other Clinical Governance Committee members to keep community at the heart of decisions, actions and guidance provided.

You'll be expected to actively participate in meetings, ask questions and bring your own personal experience to the table in the context of what is discussed. 

Committee members

There will be 11 committee members in total. 

Beyond Blue representatives:

  • Two clinical staff members
  • Three Executive members
  • The Risk Manager
  • Two Heads of units

External representatives:

  • One clinical governance subject matter expert
  • Two community members with expertise in bringing their mental health experience to the table (one has already been appointed).

Support for the community members 

Community members who sit on the committee will receive support and guidance from your main contact, our Clinical Governance Lead, Sanjeev.

Support may include additional contact outside meeting times to discuss information provided, to ensure you feel confident you understand and can contribute to conversations and decisions. 

Time commitment

The committee will meet once a month for the first six months. After this time the committee members will determine any ongoing schedule and/or commitments.

In the first six months the meetings will be:

  • Held monthly, during Melbourne business hours
  • 1.5 hours in length
  • Held online due to current circumstances but may be held face to face when permitted after the pandemic. The community member if required, will have the option of attending this meeting online.

In addition to the meeting times, it is expected that there will be a total of two hours of reading/preparation per meeting. 

Reimbursement for your time

If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal at Determination and include:

  • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
  • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)
Where relevant, any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings.

Activity Results

Expressions of interest for this role are now closed.