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Committee: Research Advisory Committee

8 December 2020
Who can take part
People affected by anxiety, depression and/or suicide
Time required
10 to 15 minutes to apply

Activity Detail

We’re searching for a Blue Voices member to be one of two community members on Beyond Blue’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC). They will bring their community voice and personal experience to the RAC that provides Beyond Blue with strategic research advice and to assist in the awarding of research grants. 

About the committee

RAC group members will include:

  • Nine academics
  • Two community members with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide
  • Beyond Blue board director
  • Beyond Blue board director
  • Beyond Blue Chief Strategy Officer
  • Beyond Blue Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning
  • 2 Beyond Blue staff observers. 

RAC members hold the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Provide ongoing high-level strategic advice on the implementation of Beyond Blue’s Research Strategy, with reference to the broader mental health and suicide prevention research environment in Australia. 
  • Provide ongoing high-level strategic advice to the Beyond Blue Executive and Board on research and knowledge translation as it pertains to Beyond Blue’s activities.
  • Participate in grant assessment panels to award partnership grants.
  • Upon agreement with Beyond Blue, members may be invited to participate in knowledge translation activities, including the preparation of peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • As well as the above, and with the support of the Chair and Head of Research Evaluation and Learning, Blue Voices members will need to be comfortable operating in an academic-type environment and participating in discussions on research topics to ensure a lived experience voice is included. 

The role of the Blue Voices committee members

The role of the community member will be to bring their community voice and personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide to the table. The community members personal experience may be through their direct experience or through supporting/caring for someone with their mental health.

Time commitment 

Members are appointed from January 2021 to June 2023. 

  • Meetings will be held twice a year, usually in February and September.
  • There will also be a grant assessment panel that will occur in the first half of each year.
  • Out of session reviews and meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair and in consultation with the Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning.
  • Attendance at meetings can be in person or by video/teleconference. 
  • Reimbursement for your time

Reimbursement for your time

If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal at Determination and include:

  • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
  • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)
  • Any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings.

Is this the role for you?

We’re looking for a community member affected by anxiety, depression and/or suicide who can bring their community member and personal experience perspectives to the table.


  • Have an understanding of research
  • Ability to engage with academics 
  • Have the confidence and ability to bring your experience and opinions to the table in an advisory role
  • Be able to attend all meetings in person or via teleconference during business hours.
  • Must complete all relevant reading provided before and after meetings.

Highly regarded

  •  Have experience bringing a community member perspective to strategic discussions on a similar committee/advisory role.

Activity Results

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