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Help create Beyond Blue's new signature fundraising event or campaign!

14 September 2020
Who can take part
Anyone in Australia
Time required
10 - 20 minutes depending on how much you would like to share with us

Activity Detail

We want your ideas!

Help create Beyond Blue's new signature fundraising event/campaign!

We want a fundraising event/campaign that will inspire people to get involved. That means we need to hear from community - that's you! You'll get the chance to go in the running to win one of two $50 Visa gift cards.

Your response to this survey will help us understand what campaigns/events work for you. What interests you, motivates and ... what doesn't. 

With input from you and other members of the community, we'll be able to choose the best signature fundraising event/campaign to raise much needed funds for the Beyond Blue Support Service - an important service that is fully funded by donations and community fundraising. 

So, what is a signature fundraising event/campaign?

A signature fundraising event or campaign can be run physically or virtually and is marketed and managed by a charity for fundraising purposes. This event/campaign will be repeatable, have national reach and happen every year across the country so everyone can get involved.

Examples run by other organisations include:
Why are we creating a signature fundraising event/campaign?
The signature fundraising event/campaign will help raise funds for our Support Service so we can make sure every call, email and webchat is answered.
Our Support Service, which provides 24/7 one-on-one access to mental health professionals, is fully funded by donations and community fundraising. We want to create a signature fundraising event/campaign that will help us keep this service available for the 22 people on average who call each hour. 

Last year, people in Australia accessed our Support Service more than 192,000 times to discuss their concerns, and we know that increased demand will continue in years to come. The impact of this year’s bushfire crisis and the coronavirus pandemic means people are needing support now, more than ever before.

Activity Results

This activity is now closed.

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