Nicky's Story

A story of resilience

A mother and passionate advocate for early intervention, Nicky is proud to leave a gift in her Will to Beyond Blue

After Nicky had her first child, she started to think about writing a Will, and which charities she would support with her legacy. As someone who has experienced anxiety since she was a teenager, mental health is a cause close to her heart.

“My [mental health] problems resurfaced when I was in my final year of university and spun out of control very quickly. Anxiety tipped over into depression, and I became suicidal and ended up in hospital for three months,” recalls Nicky.

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Nicky recovered through medication, exercise and meditation. She also found comfort in sharing her experience with others as a volunteer mentor with high school students.

“I think Beyond Blue’s done an amazing job of putting mental health on the map in Australia. It wasn’t really spoken about before. It gives me hope that more people are talking about it and it doesn’t have to be this dirty secret,” she says.

That’s why Nicky decided to support Beyond Blue with a gift in her Will, because she believes in our vital work, reducing the stigma and helping everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health.


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Nicky's gift will one day help write a new chapter in Australia’s mental health story.

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