Polly's Story

A story of hope

Born in the United Kingdom during World War II, Polly’s life was a contradiction of stigma and loneliness, compassion and generosity

Polly was a lonely child who had a difficult upbringing. At the age of 21 she decided to emigrate to Australia and start a new life.

Settling in Brisbane, Polly found happiness and contentment in a steady job, a home with a beautiful garden, and a loyal companion – a sick cat she nursed back to health.

Twelve years ago, Polly’s world was shattered when a close family member took their life after living with depression for many years.

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As Polly experienced the deep sorrow of this loss, she also began to understand the significance of mental health support in the community.

Polly’s gift in Will to Beyond Blue will ensure a generation of Australians will receive the life-changing support that she knew was so important.

“Polly really wanted to help others and to also break down the stigma associated with mental health issues,” says close friend, Helen.


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