This year, we expect more than 215,000 people will contact the Beyond Blue Support Service.

Based on a record number of contacts to our Support Service since the end of last year, we are expecting 32,000 additional contacts to be made from now until the end of June this year. 

It may be someone's very first step to accessing the support and guidance they need for anxiety and depression. Or, it may be the critical step that stops someone or their loved ones from ending their lives.

This 24/7 Support Service appeal will help us bridge that gap.

Mental health support must also be reliable and empowering. That’s why Lindsay is such a passionate advocate of Beyond Blue’s Support Service.

Today, Lindsay grabs every chance to talk about practising good mental health. In the past, he wouldn’t talk about it because of the social stigma. 

“A few years ago, I lost interest in things that made me happy. I experienced lapses of concentration, bouts of moodiness, sleeping issues, and memory loss. Many times, my wife suggested I go to the doctor for help. My natural ‘male’ reaction was ‘I’m alright, just leave me alone’.”

But Lindsay wasn’t ‘alright’. Often, he would pull over on the side of the road because he was too exhausted to continue driving home. Sometimes at night his wife would find him wandering aimlessly in the house or sitting in the dark in the lounge.

The Beyond Blue Support Service is paid for by truly amazing members of the community like you, who are a strong voice for good mental health. 

Thanks to supporters like you, people will always be able to talk things through with a trained mental health professional, by contacting the Beyond Blue Support Service. 

With your support, we can continue to answer phone calls, web chats and emails, and ensure everyone gets the right information, advice or referral at the right time.

Beyond Blue's Support Service and programs like the Speakers Bureau are crucial to helping us achieve our vision of every person in Australia achieving their best possible mental health. 

The Beyond Blue Support Service is funded entirely through generous donations to Beyond Blue.

It is with your generous support that Beyond Blue is able to ensure that every phone call, email and web chat to the Support Service gets answered, and that people like Paul can rely on an expert listening ear to get them through a tough time.


Lindsay and family_tax appeal 2019

Your generous donation can make a big difference

Every year, hundreds of thousands contact Beyond Blue to talk things through. We need to make sure that every phone call, web chat and email gets answered.

Your donation will help people right across Australia access free, life-changing support, advice and information.

With your support, we can continue to deliver and innovate services and programs to tackle anxiety, depression and suicide, distribute free information resources and share powerful stories of hope and recovery across Australia, fund world-leading research, roll out evidence-based campaigns and advocate for all people in Australia affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

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