• Peer support role: Volunteer on Beyond Blue's Online forums

    by Jasmine Palmer | Feb 25, 2021

    Volunteer in a peer support role on Beyond Blue's Online forums!

    Want to volunteer your skills and empathy to support others in the community? Beyond Blue is currently recruiting volunteer Community Champions to provide online peer support via Beyond Blue's Online forums to people experiencing anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. There are currently eight positions available. 

    This role is suitable for individuals wishing to share their personal experience with mental health issues, including experiences of one’s recovery and wellbeing. We also welcome individuals who identify as a carer or supporter of someone with mental health issues to participate. 

    To be eligible for this role, you need to have already made at least 50 meaningful, quality posts on the Online forums as a standard member. Please see additional eligibility in the criteria in the 'How to apply' section below.

    About the Online forums

    The Online forums is an online community that supports and learns from each other, sharing their stories and experiences in times of distress and wellness. They are moderated and provide a safe space to share experiences, concerns and offer messages of support to others.

    About Community Champions

    Having a space to ‘vent’ and let others know about the difficulties we’re experiencing in life is important. 

    Community Champions help maintain a warm and friendly community. They spark new conversations, guide and welcome newcomers and, when needed, remind forum members of the rules. In particular, Community Champions help by:

    • Actively looking for and answering unanswered questions or posts.
    • Welcoming new members and helping them find their way around – particularly in connecting them with other members or threads that are similar to theirs.
    • Helping the community be a vibrant, respectful, and enjoyable place.
    • Starting new threads on topics of interest relating to hope, recovery and staying well.
    • Referring any concerns you have about a member’s wellbeing to our moderators.

    Because the Online forums are always on, you can meet the commitments of this role at a time and place that best suits you.

    Please note this is purely a peer support role and you're not expected to be responsible for the wellbeing of individual members.

    You can read more about what the role involves in the Community Champion Guide.

    How to apply

    To be considered for this role you should meet the following criteria:

    • Commit to posting eight to 10 times a week in the Online forums across a variety of threads. This should take about three hours a week.
    • Have already made at least 50 meaningful, quality posts on the Online forums as a standard member which adhere to the spirit and intent of the Community RulesMember Terms and Privacy Policy all users agree to upon joining. By quality, we mean multi-word posts made up of sentences and/or paragraphs that contribute to the overall warm, friendly, vibrant, respectful, enjoyable and safe culture of our Online forums community. Above all, this culture is underpinned by the idea that we all should strive to give support to receive support.
    • Complete a wellness plan to help us protect your mental wellbeing while doing this valuable, but sometimes taxing, mental health peer support work. Details of this will be provided and guided by our Online Communities Volunteer Coordinator and dedicated forums Community Support Worker.
    • Have or obtain a Working with Children Check that is current in the state or territory in which you reside and will be volunteering from. Given the logistics involved and the slightly different requirements for these checks across Australia, Beyond Blue asks its volunteers to obtain these themselves and will reimburse the costs involved upon provision of a current approved Working with Children Check -- so please make sure you keep your receipts. We can provide guidance about how to get one in your jurisdiction.

    If you’re interest in becoming a Community Champion, please complete the expression of interest form below. The Online Communities Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your interest further.

    If you have any questions about the role or your interest please email

  • Give your feedback on on Beyond Blue's response to the Productivity Inquiry into Mental Health

    by Jasmine Palmer | Jan 07, 2021

    Beyond Blue is writing a response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health recommendations and we'd like your feedback on our response. You can either sign up to participate in a virtual roundtable on 15 January or provide written feedback.

    A bit about the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health
    This inquiry looked at the effect of mental health on people’s ability to participate in and thrive in the community and workplace, and the effects it has more generally on our economy and productivity.

    The final report was released on Monday 16 November. It makes recommendations to State and Territory Governments to improve the mental health of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, working with people who have experience of mental illness, and with their families and carers.

  • Committee: Research Advisory Committee

    by Jasmine Palmer | Dec 04, 2020

    We’re searching for a Blue Voices member to be one of two community members on Beyond Blue’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC). They will bring their community voice and personal experience to the RAC that provides Beyond Blue with strategic research advice and to assist in the awarding of research grants. 

    About the committee

    RAC group members will include:

    • Nine academics
    • Two community members with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide
    • Beyond Blue board director
    • Beyond Blue board director
    • Beyond Blue Chief Strategy Officer
    • Beyond Blue Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning
    • 2 Beyond Blue staff observers. 

    RAC members hold the following roles and responsibilities: 

    • Provide ongoing high-level strategic advice on the implementation of Beyond Blue’s Research Strategy, with reference to the broader mental health and suicide prevention research environment in Australia. 
    • Provide ongoing high-level strategic advice to the Beyond Blue Executive and Board on research and knowledge translation as it pertains to Beyond Blue’s activities.
    • Participate in grant assessment panels to award partnership grants.
    • Upon agreement with Beyond Blue, members may be invited to participate in knowledge translation activities, including the preparation of peer-reviewed journal articles.
    • As well as the above, and with the support of the Chair and Head of Research Evaluation and Learning, Blue Voices members will need to be comfortable operating in an academic-type environment and participating in discussions on research topics to ensure a lived experience voice is included. 

    The role of the Blue Voices committee members

    The role of the community member will be to bring their community voice and personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide to the table. The community members personal experience may be through their direct experience or through supporting/caring for someone with their mental health.

    Time commitment 

    Members are appointed from January 2021 to June 2023. 

    • Meetings will be held twice a year, usually in February and September.
    • There will also be a grant assessment panel that will occur in the first half of each year.
    • Out of session reviews and meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair and in consultation with the Head of Research, Evaluation and Learning.
    • Attendance at meetings can be in person or by video/teleconference. 
    • Reimbursement for your time

    Reimbursement for your time

    If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal at Determination and include:

    • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
    • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)
    • Any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings.

    Is this the role for you?

    We’re looking for a community member affected by anxiety, depression and/or suicide who can bring their community member and personal experience perspectives to the table.


    • Have an understanding of research
    • Ability to engage with academics 
    • Have the confidence and ability to bring your experience and opinions to the table in an advisory role
    • Be able to attend all meetings in person or via teleconference during business hours.
    • Must complete all relevant reading provided before and after meetings.

    Highly regarded

    •  Have experience bringing a community member perspective to strategic discussions on a similar committee/advisory role.
  • Working Group: Help Beyond Blue create an organisation-wide approach to building partnerships

    by Jasmine Palmer | Oct 27, 2020

    Beyond Blue is looking for two community members to sit on a working group that will develop a new organisation-wide approach to strategic partnerships.

    What are strategic partnerships?

    We recognise we can’t accomplish our vision of helping everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health by working alone. So, we collaborate with and learn from the community, education, businesses, government, and our mental health and suicide prevention colleagues, to work towards this vision.

    The group will create an assessment tool to help Beyond Blue ensure the partnerships we create are based on shared values and are purposeful, inclusive, transparent and respectful.

    Who are we looking for?

    • One member with a direct personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide.
    • One member with experience supporting someone with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicide.

    Ideally, both of these members will have:

    • Experience bringing a community member perspective in a working group or similar role.
    • An understanding of the mental health sector professionally and/or through volunteer work.

    More about the project

    From July 2020, Beyond Blue will commence a new three year Beyond 2020 Strategic Plan which will include an organisation-wide approach to strategic partnerships.

    The types of partnerships and reasons for creating them vary. Examples include collaboration with other organisations, researchers and/or the community to:

    • generate funds for the support service
    • build awareness around mental health in Australia and/or advocate for mental health policy changes
    • understand what the community needs from Beyond Blue and the services, information and resources we provide.

    A recent example is our partnership with Australia Post. This partnership seeks to make mental health and wellbeing part of everyday conversations and connect people to the support and information available through Beyond Blue. Read more about this partnership.

    The role of the working group

     The working group will advise and guide development of the new Strategic Partnerships Approach over the course of the project. The working group members will include:

    • Beyond Blue staff from every business group and team
    • Two community members who meet the above mentioned criteria.

    It is important that we keep the community at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’re including the perspectives of community members in this working group.

    The role of the community members will be to bring a community perspective to the working group and work with other members in a collaborative way to:

    • understand what ‘partnerships’ means in the context of the Beyond 2020 Strategy
    • define partnership types and identify partnership opportunities
    • scope key partnership principles, approach and mechanisms that will foster an organisational culture of partnering
    • design a simple assessment tool to aid in the decision-making process for new partnerships
    • ensure reporting on partnerships is incorporated into the quarterly business review cycle.

    Time commitment

    The working group will meet for three workshops between November 2020 and February 2021.

    All members of the working group will be expected to attend all three workshops and complete all pre-reading and actions for each.

    Workshops will be held during business hours will run for approximately 2.5 hours, though this may change as the project progresses.

    They’re are scheduled for:

    • Friday 20 November (10am-12:30pm AEDT)
    • Friday 18 December (10am-12:30pm AEDT)
    • Friday 5 February (10am-12:30pm AEDT)

    Workshops may require up to two hours of pre-reading and an hour to complete follow up actions (though project staff will handle most actions).

    All workshops will be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. As the project progresses and in-person meetings are allowed, it may be decided to hold face-to-face workshops at the Beyond Blue office, however, virtual options for attendance will still be available.

    Reimbursement of your time

    If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal Determination and include:

    • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
    • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)

    Any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings. *Note: Meeting will be virtual for the time being and may progress to in-person as the project progresses. Virtual attendance options will always be available even meetings are held in-person.

  • Committee: Bring your carer/supporter experience to the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum

    by Jasmine Palmer | Oct 21, 2020

    Would you like to bring your experience supporting someone with mental health issues to a national forum?

    Beyond Blue is looking for a Blue Voices carer/supporter representative to sit on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum. You’ll advocate for the issues and concerns of consumers and carers to influence mental health activities nationally. To apply, please fill out the below form.

    Members receive remuneration for meetings in accordance with the Remuneration Tribunal Guidelines.

    About the NMHCCF

    • NMHCCF is a ‘national combined voice for mental health consumers and carers’. 
    • The forum includes 28 members (14 mental health consumers and 14 carers/supporters) from across Australia.
    • The forum is supported by the Australian government and the group is auspiced by Mental Health Australia.
    • Beyond Blue has two Blue Voices representatives on the Forum. We're currently recruiting for the carer/supporter representative position.

    About the role

    NMHCCF members use their personal experience, understanding of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate for, and promote, the issues and concerns of mental health consumers and carers.

    Members also represent consumers and carers on a large number of national bodies, including government committees and advisory groups, professional bodies and other consultative forums and events.

    People with experience caring/supporting someone with mental health issues are eligible to apply.

    What commitment is required?

    Please read the NMHCCF Operating Guidelines for an overview of the commitment. Note: these guidelines may be subject to future review and revision.

    The role currently includes a four year term with an annual review.

    We estimate that this role as a Blue Voices carer representative on NMHCCF will require a commitment of up to ten (10) hours a month. This will include meetings, preparation time and pre-reading where relevant. Remuneration is provided for meeting attendance only and rates provided cover preparation time. Any travel expenses will be reimbursed.

    The commitment of time for this role will depend upon several factors including:

    • Whether activities are attended in person (where travel may be required) or online.
    • Participation in any NMHCCF sub-committee.
    • Participation as a NMHCCF carer representative on external groups.

    The Blue Voices carer/supporter representative will be supported by Beyond Blue in their role through engagement, feedback, reporting and peer support.

  • Committee: Clinical Governance Committee

    by Jasmine Palmer | Sep 17, 2020

    Beyond Blue is looking for a community member to be part of our Clinical Governance Committee.

    The Clinical Governance Committee will provide assurance to the Board, relevant Board sub-Committees and the Executive Team, that our clinical governance systems and processes are strong, effective and align with the objectives of the Clinical Governance Framework.

    This Framework aligns with the National Clinical Governance Framework and the National Standards for Safety and Quality.

    What is a Clinical Governance Framework?

    The Clinical Governance Framework and associated systems will ensure that Beyond Blue “first do no harm”. Harm includes physical, emotional, psychological and socio-behavioural harm to those who interact with our evidence-based information, advice and support products and services.

    The specific role of the committee

    The committee will make sure clinical quality and safety approaches are achieved across the whole business including when we engage third-party providers. 

    The committee will report and monitor clinical quality and safety trends and outcomes for all clinically relevant activities. 

    In the context of clinical governance, the committee will ensure that Beyond Blue:

    • Appropriately manages and mitigates any clinical risks. 
    • Is flexible and adaptable.
    • Is contemporary and uses best-practice.
    • Enables compliance with any future external clinical standards.
    • Empowers its staff and volunteers.
    • Has community at the centre of all we do
    • Clinical governance must enable the organisation to succeed in its Vision and Mission and its three strategic priorities.

    The community member role

    As a community member, your role will be to assist the other Clinical Governance Committee members to keep community at the heart of decisions, actions and guidance provided.

    You'll be expected to actively participate in meetings, ask questions and bring your own personal experience to the table in the context of what is discussed. 

    Committee members

    There will be 11 committee members in total. 

    Beyond Blue representatives:

    • Two clinical staff members
    • Three Executive members
    • The Risk Manager
    • Two Heads of units

    External representatives:

    • One clinical governance subject matter expert
    • Two community members with expertise in bringing their mental health experience to the table (one has already been appointed).

    Support for the community members 

    Community members who sit on the committee will receive support and guidance from your main contact, our Clinical Governance Lead, Sanjeev.

    Support may include additional contact outside meeting times to discuss information provided, to ensure you feel confident you understand and can contribute to conversations and decisions. 

    Time commitment

    The committee will meet once a month for the first six months. After this time the committee members will determine any ongoing schedule and/or commitments.

    In the first six months the meetings will be:

    • Held monthly, during Melbourne business hours
    • 1.5 hours in length
    • Held online due to current circumstances but may be held face to face when permitted after the pandemic. The community member if required, will have the option of attending this meeting online.

    In addition to the meeting times, it is expected that there will be a total of two hours of reading/preparation per meeting. 

    Reimbursement for your time

    If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal at Determination and include:

    • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
    • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)
    Where relevant, any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings.
  • Your say: Beyond Blue Support Service recorded messaging update

    by Jasmine Palmer | May 21, 2020

    We're updating the recorded messages people hear when they call the Beyond Blue Support Service and we want your feedback! We want to understand whether the new recordings are clear and easy to follow. 

    If you feel upset at any stage during or after listening to the recordings, we encourage you to stop the recordings and visit Beyond Blue's get immediate support page for ways to get support.

  • Committee: Beyond Blue Independent Evaluation Advisory Committee

    by Janelle Woods | Feb 12, 2020

    Beyond Blue is seeking to appoint two community members to sit on an advisory committee that will help shape how the organisation’s work is evaluated.

    About the evaluation

    In 2020 Beyond Blue will contract an external provider to undertake an independent evaluation of its work.

    An independent evaluation will support and inform Beyond Blue’s continuous improvement and learning, and is a requirement in our funding agreement with the Commonwealth Department of Health. 

    This will be Beyond Blue's fifth independent evaluation since the organisation was founded in 2000. The previous evaluation findings are publicly available at on our website

    A key part of this next evaluation will be to explore how effectively Beyond Blue is serving the communities affected by depression, anxiety and suicide. 

    The next evaluation will cover the period 2020 to 2023.  

    The committee

    The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide strategic advice and guidance to Beyond Blue, and to ensure the evaluation scope, selected provider methodology and the evaluation progress are appropriate.

    This Advisory Committee members will include:

    • Beyond Blue staff managing the evaluation
    • A number of external individuals with expert knowledge and experience across government, not-for-profits organisations, academic research and evaluation design, commissioning and management.
    • Two community members with a personal experience of anxiety, depression and/or suicidal thoughts. 

    The involvement of community to inform Beyond Blue is important to us. As such, it is expected that the advice and guidance from this Advisory Committee will include recommendations to appropriately involve the participation of those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide throughout the design and delivery of this evaluation.

    The committee will provide strategic advice and guidance on:

    • the planning and progress of the 5th Independent Evaluation.
    • the tender specifications.
    • the assessment and appointment of the evaluation provider.
    • the preparation of interim and  final evaluation reports.

    The Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee will be fully considered at the first meeting.

    Time commitment

    The Advisory Committee will meet on several occasions over three and a half years.

    All members of the Advisory Committee are expected to attend all meetings and complete all pre-reading.

    • Five meetings over three and a half years.
    • Meeting will be approximately three hours long.
    • Meetings will be held during business hours.
    • Some meetings will require up to two hours of pre-reading.
    • All but the first meeting can be attended via skype/teleconference.
    Reimbursement of your time

    If selected, you will be reimbursed for your involvement. Reimbursement rates are determined by the Remuneration Tribunal at Determination 2019 and include:

    • Attendance at each meeting (sitting fees)
    • Any reading required (non-sitting fees)
    • Any travel costs (organised by Beyond Blue) to attend meetings. 
  • Have your say: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience as a Blue Voices member

    by Janelle Woods | Oct 10, 2019

    Beyond Blue is conducting research with Cox Inall Ridgeway (CIR) to understand cultural safety and appropriateness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders when joining and participating in Blue Voices activities. 

    Members who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander are invited to respond to a short list of questions by email and an opportunity to take part in some workshops to help explore how Blue Voices works or doesn't work for you. 

    You should have received an email invitation from CIR on Friday 11 October. If you missed out and would like to be involved, you can complete the questions via the link below or contact CIR directly on the details provided.  

    If you have any questions about this research project please contact the Blue Voices team ( or CIR. 


  • What do you think of our new Suicide Prevention campaign idea?

    by Helen Malley | Nov 15, 2018

    In 2017, Beyond Blue commissioned research to find out more about attitudes towards suicide and suicide prevention.

    About the research

    The research showed people at risk of suicide often communicate their suicidal thoughts and intentions, both directly and indirectly, before they make a suicide attempt. However, because many people are unsure how to best interpret and respond to this information their reaction may unintentionally be unhelpful or dismissive.

    What's next

    Beyond Blue wants to educate and equip people in Australia to know when and how to respond if someone is experiencing suicidal thoughts. We also want to show the impact of suicide on the Australian community.

    To help achieve this, Beyond Blue is looking to develop, implement and evaluate a suicide prevention campaign.

    How blueVoices can help

    The next step in the campaign development is to test the concept on various audiences.

    We're seeking eight blueVoices members to help guide the project team on:

    • your opinion of the concept
    • if you find it sets off your mental health or suicidal thoughts.
  • Have your say on life insurance mental health underwriting questions

    by Helen Malley | Sep 20, 2018

    beyondblue have been providing advice to an Australian life insurer on how they can enhance their mental health underwriting questions, to ensure that they:

    • are simple to understand
    • are focused on the customer’s diagnosed mental health condition
    • consider both risk and protective factors that affect an individuals’ mental health and their ability to manage their condition and return to work.

    We are seeking feedback from blueVoices members on the draft mental health underwriting questions on whether this aim is being achieved, and if any further changes should be considered.

  • Join Beyond Blue’s Education Voices

    by Helen Malley | Nov 20, 2017

    From August 2018, Beyond Blue will lead a new National Education Initiative (NEI) with support from headspace and Early Childhood Australia, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

    Now in the initial planning phase, the NEI team are putting together a reference group of education professionals called Education Voices. 

    If you’re a teacher, educator, principal, school counsellor, student teacher, or have any other role in a school or early learning service, we’d love you to join Education Voices.

    What is the National Education Initiative?

    This new initiative will transform Australia’s approach to child and youth mental health care by providing a single end-to-end school-based mental health framework. Covering the continuum from early childhood to secondary school, it will support mental health promotion and suicide prevention activity. 

    The initiative will integrate and build on the strengths and evidence-based principles of key existing Commonwealth Government mental health initiatives being delivered in education settings.

    Education Voices

    Working in a similar way to blueVoices, the Education Voices reference group will share their experience, thoughts, opinions and ideas relevant to working in the education sector to help guide the development of the NEI. 

    The first activity will be a short online survey in December with the majority of activities being held in the first six months of 2018.

    How to join

    You can join Education Voices at any time until August 2018 with your involvement being at little or as much as you want. You don't have to take part in each activity and can come and go at any time.

    Education Voices will be managed by the NEI project team and they will coordinate the activities conducted through the program.

  • Seeking input from paramedics

    by blueVoices Manager | May 17, 2016

    Do you have experience working as a paramedic or in an organisation employing paramedics? 

    We are looking for blueVoices members with this occupation to assist in the development of a new project tackling mental health issues amongst paramedics and support staff. 

    Participation would involve reviewing materials and content and possibly providing case studies for inclusion in the materials (optional).

  • Become a beyondblue speaker in Queensland

    by blueVoices Manager | Sep 10, 2015

    Do you live in Queensland and are you interested in speaking publicly about your experiences with depression or anxiety to help reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health issues? 

    If so, you may be interested in joining beyondblue’s Speakers Bureau.

    Our speakers assist beyondblue by sharing their story to groups in the community. We receive requests from all types of groups and organisations and match them with appropriate speakers to share their story. By doing so, our speakers help raise awareness and reduce stigma of depression and anxiety in communities throughout Australia.

    Our beyondblue speakers share elements of their story that have a strong focus on hope and recovery. For this reason it is important to reflect on your current state of wellness before applying. We acknowledge that managing depression and anxiety isn't always an upward slope, however, the ability to effectivley manage stress and being able to commit to speaking events, are two important components of becoming a beyondblue speaker. 

    If this is something you think you might be interested in being part of, we’d love to hear from you!

    How to apply

    To express your interest, please download and complete the Speakers Expression of Interest Form (Word document) with further details of your experience and return it to Kate Mulhearn, our Ambassador and Speaker Coordinator at

    Applications close at 5pm, Monday 21 September. 

    If you have any questions about the Speakers Bureau or your interest, please also feel free to contact Kate on 03 9818 9215.

    Our speakers team look forward to hearing from you!

  • Have you ever received assistance from our Support Service?

    by blueVoices Manager | Aug 11, 2015
    Last year, the beyondblue Support Service assisted 190,000 people with information and advice around depression, anxiety and suicide prevention. 
    beyondblue is now seeking to document a series of Support Service stories to use online and in our annual report. We are also looking at using one or more of the stories in our first ever Christmas appeal, aimed at raising funds to help keep up with the increasing demand for the Support Service.

    Sharing stories of why people contact the beyondblue Support Service, and how it helps, will create awareness about the impact this service has had on hundreds of thousands of people's lives right across Australia.

    Who can take part?

    We are inviting blueVoices members who have contacted and been assisted by our Support Service,  either by making a call or chatting online (via webchat). This may have been to get support for yourself or seek advice about how to help someone you were concerned about.  
    How do I get involved?

    If you would like to share your experiences using the Support Service, please complete the short questionnaire via the link below by 9 am, Monday 17 August.  You may then later be contacted for a follow-up interview and photo shoot. 
    If you have any questions or concerns about sharing your experience, please do not hesitate to contact Kimberley Nichols, beyondblue Senior Brand and Content Advisor, on 03 9810 6149.
    Thank you for your support!
  • Survey: Beyond Blue’s brand strategy

    by blueVoices Manager | Mar 17, 2015

    Blue Voices members used their voices to help us understand perceptions of the Beyond Blue brand. They took part in the brand strategy interviews, focus groups and online surveys. Member insight has had key input into defining our brand’s mission, positioning and values.