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Connecting you to personal support

beyondblue Connect is a FREE service that puts people who live, work or study in Victoria's Greater Dandenong community, in touch with mentors. They can support your wellbeing and help you achieve your goals.  

If you're feeling stressed, anxious or worried and it's affecting your work, study or relationships, a beyondblue Connect mentor can assist.

Contact a ​beyondblue ​Connect mentor today:

You can contact a beyondblue Connect mentor by phone, join our online forum, email us or visit us at our centre in Greater Dandenong - see links below.


How can beyondblue Connect mentors support you? 

beyondblue Connect mentors have a personal understanding of what it's like to deal with difficult emotions, because they have experienced them themselves.

With their guidance you can begin to take practical steps to improve how you feel, how you cope, and how you connect with the local support that is available to you.

How does beyondblue Connect work? 

Together you can talk about what’s going on, how you want things to change, and what beyondblue Connect mentors can help you achieve.

Our mentors speak a range of languages including:

  • Arabic 
  • Dari
  • Farsi/Persian
  • Greek.

beyondblue Connect has been developed by beyondblue in collaboration with local community members and agencies. It has been built from the ground up to ensure it offers support, care and understanding in a way that connects with people living in the Greater Dandenong community.

Is the program right for me? 

beyondblue Connect offers support in a caring environment, to residents in the Greater Dandenong region. It can help people experiencing:

  • stress and future uncertainty
  • relationship issues with family and friends
  • housing stress
  • isolation
  • difficulty settling into a new environment
  • low moods and sadness
  • feelings of being overwhelmed and/or anxious.

What is the beyondblue Connect toolkit? 

The beyondblue Connect toolkit helps you learn more about how you’re feeling and what you can do to improve your wellbeing. It can help if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, sad, irritable, tired, helpless or guilty – or maybe a combination of these things. It has been developed and tested by someone who has experienced these feelings themselves.  

The toolkit is made up of six parts and provides information and activities to improve your wellbeing and help you work towards achieving your goals. 

Download the beyondblue Connect toolkit: 

beyondblue Connect mentors can work through the toolkit with you, or you can access it yourself by clicking on the link below:

Access the beyondblue Connect toolkit

Visit the Frequently asked questions page for more information.


The beyondblue Connect service is funded by the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network and supported by Life Without Barriers.

Crisis support

If you are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000. Other services include:

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