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Forums / Depression / Euphoric feeling causing mania?

Topic: Euphoric feeling causing mania?

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  1. RoseToez
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    25 posts
    29 October 2018
    I'm not really sure if this is an acceptable thing to be posting publically but I need advice.. the 2 manic episodes I've had in the past involved me taking speed not long beforehand.. say 2 weeks or a week then getting involved with a guy that was really good in bed and would have a really full on background (criminal, drug dealer). Had a little crazy in them that was attractive to me I guess.. well the last one was 6 years ago. Since then I met someone, had 2 kids, recently broke up 3 months ago.. I've also recently been diagnosed with bipola and put on medication for it. Any way I'd slept with a couple of people I used to hook up since the break up which was fine I was lonely and what not, no issue at all.. well I recently come across someone I knew but in the past but never had been with. Didnt do any drugs with them, I'm not even drinking alcohol clean of everything since I had kids. The same deal.. really great sex. I'm not going through full on mania but I feel like its unleashed something within me I mean its tolerable I just dont get it.. I've searched about this online, alot of info says that hypersexuality is common with bipola disorder and during mania but I cant find anything on it causing mania. It's like (without going into too much detail) that I get such a euphoric feeling that I get all at once, that only a few have been able to give me it unleashes emotions that rambles the chemicals in my brain. I mean it made sense before beause of the drugs and the alcohol but now I'm on meds and I dont do anything intoxicating at all. I even get alot of sleep at night because of the meds. The meds stop any intrusive thoughts. I feel really good alot of the time. But my spending online is out of control and i get distracted a fair bit when i am shopping online. That's been happening since the break up. I'm even a bit hesitant on mentioning this to my doctor because I dont want to be medicated where I cant function properly when theres not a very big issue.. there is a bit of one with my online shopping and being distracted but that's all. Im really sorry if this isnt appropriate and I dont mean to bring any attention on myself. But I'd love some advice if I can, TIA.
  2. PamelaR
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    2645 posts
    30 October 2018 in reply to RoseToez

    Hi RoseToez

    Your life has had it's ups and downs hey? I see you've been welcomed on another thread.

    Have you searched our community forums for discussions about bipola? There's an excellent thread This Bipola Life. Feel free to join in their discussion, maybe if you want to ask questions there? Let them know you've started your own thread? You can find the thread by doing a search of our website. Search field is located at the top of the page.

    Good on you for reaching out Rose.

    Kind regards


  3. baet123
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    549 posts
    30 October 2018 in reply to RoseToez

    Hey Rose,

    As Pamelar has stated above, life isn't easy and is full of troughs.

    It is super encouraging that you are off alcohol and drugs as this change in behaviour should complement your medication and you should see your condition stabilises and your quality of life increase.

    Your honesty is inspiring and you should be proud that you have overcome quite a lot throughout your life.

    You mentioned your online spending is out of control. This may be a mechanism you are using to cope with your emotions and feelings and although spending online and spending to much money is a bad thing, it is far better than turning to alcohol, drugs or other not so productive activities/habits to deal with your feelings. Is there anything in particular you find yourself buying? Or is your online shopping generalised?

    Are you exercising regularly, eating properly and getting enough sleep? This is super important for your emotional and physical well-being and aids in the effectiveness of your medication.

    You are searching for answers and actively trying to improve yourself which is amazing and this is super important for maintaining and improving your condition.

    All the best,


  4. quirkywords
    Community Champion
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    quirkywords avatar
    6211 posts
    30 October 2018 in reply to RoseToez

    Rose, welcome to the forum.

    This is a caring, nonjudgmental and supportive place.

    Thanks for your honesty and I can u derstand hwo you have come a long way but still would like answers.

    I was diagnosed with bipolar over 40 years ago.

    i can share some of my experiences but they are only mine and may not be helpful to you.

    I have experienced hyperrsexuakity , excessive spending , and lots of fast thoughts and other behaviours when Inwas manic.

    When I was medicated I still like spending but I tried to keep it under control.

    As to controlling online shopping I closed my account on eBay, or I only bought things ,a when I had someone trusted around.

    i would encourage you to be honest with your doctor and explain how you feel. Are you seeing a psychiatrist or a GP?

    Feel free as Pamela says to have a look at the bipolar thread as we are a friendly bunch then.

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are not alone..

    feel free to postvhere as much as you like.


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